Henry Cesari is a freelance writer boasting over a decade of experience. Inquire for a free quote:

Feature writer at HotCars.com.
Contributed to MensWorldHQ.
“Do You Need Tires? Your tires are the most critical component of your car: No other part of your vehicle can work if your tires do not do their job….[Read More]
Reported on alumni achievements while working for The University of Vermont Communications department.
Awarded departmental honors while earning a Bachelor of Arts in English.
Created case studies to drive sales for multiple tech companies. Worked with the education, network security, encryption, quantum computing, and big data industries.
Taught English and Journalism at Northfield Mount Hermon preparatory school.
Began publishing journalism at fifteen years old:
“‘Some day I’ll be inside the ring.’ I cannot remember when that thought first entered my head, but I’ve been outside the ring, laughing my head off, since I was ten months old. Boy, do I love to laugh. I always have… “[Read More]
Wrote contest-winning copy for Jack Link’s beef jerky company.  [Learn More]

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