Solstice Circus

Solstice Circus is a 70,000-word young adult contemporary fantasy built upon two truths: we all belong to the same human family, and our diversity strengthens us.

Lupe Lobo—like all fangfuls—lives in the mountains, hiding from Homo sapiens. When a member of her pack murders her father, she flees to the Solstice Circus: a traveling sanctuary for illegal species of all shapes and sizes. No sooner has she befriended a group of teenage performers than she stumbles upon an ancient evil in San Francisco that threatens her new tribe. She must tame her temper, trust her new friends, and stand up to the intolerance of her own people—before everyone else she loves is taken from her. The teen ensemble navigates this dark world with humor; titles with a comparable tone include Six of Crows, Artemis Fowl, and Stranger Things.

My first job was as a circus clown. I am now an automotive journalist with over one million monthly readers. I have also written short stories, advertising copy, and case studies for Silicon Valley tech companies. I am graduating from the Vermont College of Fine Arts with an MFA in creative writing in the summer of 2023. I will continue Solstice Circus as a series.

I am currently seeking representation. If you want to be part of the team that brings this story to life, contact me: