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The Jeep Wrangler is Outdated, Here’s Why Jeep Fans Don’t Care

(Photo courtesy of Stellantis)

Just because we humans can make our machines faster and smoother does not always mean we should. Many people find objectively outdated things attractive: from folks who like to catch their dinner with a fishing rod to ones who listen to their music on vinyl records.

I once thought Jeep fans just wanted to appear ready for anything. But I’ve learned that driving certain vehicles is not about what you gain. It’s about what you give up.

The Wrangler is outdated because to drive one, you must sacrifice fast-lane performance. You may gain a little off-road performance. But you gain something else too, a different way of getting from point A to point B. A Jeep transports you to a different time, an era when mankind and our machines may have better complimented one another than they do today. Read More

These Electric Trucks Are Inspiring A New Breed Of Motorhead

(Photo Courtesy of

I am passionate about car culture. I also believe the golden age of the automobile has yet to arrive. My optimism informs this opinion piece:

Car culture is not just surviving: it’s thriving. Exciting new automotive technologies–and the groundbreaking business models behind them–will attract new demographics of car people. The Rivian R1T will enable an entirely new generation of wilderness adventurers to explore offroading, guilt-free. The Tesla Cybertruck is the first of many jaw-dropping prototypes offered by a small company then crowdfunded by the consumers. The Lordstown Endurance heralds the era of the bulletproof electric drivetrain opened up for modification by a brand new breed of motorhead. Read More

Here’s What We Learned About The Lordstown Endurance From The Hindenburg Research Report

(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

After diving into the details of the new report, I succinctly explain what it says about the upcoming truck’s technical specifications and timeline:

Lordstown CEO Steve Burns has missed six production deadlines and his Endurance truck is likely still several years away. In addition, his reported cost-cutting measures are concerning for the final vehicle’s reliabilityRead more

This Racecar Won The 2020 Figure 8 Enduro And Now It’s For Sale

(Photo Courtesy of Tunny Racing)

In this article I explore the unique world of Figure 8 racing and the sport’s winningest family, the Tunnys of Indianapolis:

The fastest Figure 8 cars are the late-model-class monsters: custom tube-chassis vehicles with 600-800 horsepower engines. Car and driver are pushed to the limit in the grueling three-hour season finale: The World Figure 8. The most recent championship car is a V8 beast, lovingly handbuilt by driver Jesse Tunny and his family… Read more

If Carroll Shelby Had Modified A Barracuda It Might Look A Lot Like This Savage GT

(Photo by Brad Barrie)

I unearth a forgotten American masterpiece, the Savage GT. Then I discover one of the last remaining cars and its proud owner:

Wisconsin-based Auto Craft built Grand Tourer muscle cars based on the second-generation Barracuda. With a high-revving Hemi engine and suspension upgrades ahead of its time, this brutal build earns its name… Read more

A Detailed Look At Johnny Cash’s Cadillac From One Piece At A Time

(Photo courtesy of Storyteller’s Hideaway Farm)

I quote first-person accounts to tell the true story behind the timeless country tune:

Though fictional, the song inspired not one, but two Johnny Cash certified “One Piece at a Time” Cadillacs…. Read more

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